Making the jump

This is it! After talking about it for years, we’ve finally decided to make it a reality — we’re starting our own little on-line business, selling … well, something. The main reason why it has taken us so long to actually DO anything is that we have been waiting for that One Perfect Business Idea. Now, suddenly, when talking about it for Nth time, we realized that the idea is not as important as execution. Meaning, you can sell them same old thing as everyone else, as long as you do it better.

Besides, we’re not in this to make money. We’re in this to learn. Learn about on-line marketing, Google AdWords, social marketing, small business finances, HTML/CSS, SEO, web analytics … All this stuff that I’ve always found exciting but never really had time or reason to look into.

Yeah ok, money would be nice too. But for this first round I’d be more than happy to break even during our first year. If we end up spending few thousand bucks before finally admitting defeat and dumping our remaining inventory on eBay I still consider it a cheap lesson in all things e-commerce.

Let the lessons begin!




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