I will not use broad match … I will not use broad match…

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t use ‘broad match’ type in your Google AdWords campaign unless you really really need to, right? Right? Because with broad match you’re going to be getting all these unintentional impressions for silver polisher and insulation rings when you are bidding on “silver ring”.

After wondering for 20 minutes why Google complains of duplicate keywords when I surely don’t have any I saw the missing quotation marks around all 250 of my keywords.

Clicking through all those keywords and selecting the ‘phrase match’ type was very educational. Almost like Bart Simpson writing “I will not trade pants with others”…

So why does Google default to ‘broad match’? Easy, more revenue to them. Google doesn’t care about your conversion ratio. They get paid every time your ad is clicked, and more often it is shown, more often it will be clicked.

So repeat after me, two hundred and fifty times: “I will not use broad match”.